Monday, November 9, 2015

Chant of Night 12 Winged Horse Goddess

Cue winged horse was clear, I was asked to sit on his back. I try to obey his wishes. Who knew I was flown to Java. Immediately after sitting on his back, flapping his wings, he flew Samodra. I was surprised, sticking his neck tightly, afraid to fall. Winged Horse reduce speed. He knows, I fear. Some time later, I started to calm down, and cast a bold view. Oh how beautiful the clouds. Clouds march like white cotton fly-blown thousand beautiful fairies. Velvety blue sea water, blankets gods. From a distance I see land. That is the land of Java, where Begawan Abiyasa stay. The closer appeared, that the land was very fertile. Without my orders, winged horse began degrading of flight, and landed gently in Java. Really strange, he knows my goal. I was surprised by the events that had just experienced. Was I dreaming? No! It's real nature.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Chant of Night 11 Trip to Java Island

Sneaking fear in my heart, once the dagger called Pulanggeni is in the hands of Sucitra and soon will be returned to the owner in Java. "Father the King, if I may, the dagger of Pulanggeni should not be returned first, I really need it as a mascot to be king."  
"Kumbayana, heirloom returns are unlikely to be delayed. I had promised to the Father Master Abiyasa, if Hargajembangan has become a large, kris Pulanggeni I immediately returned. Do not you see it now? Atasangin earth has become one under Hargajembangan. You stay maintain and defend the greatness of this country. "
"Please Father King, maintain and sustain are heavier than the pioneer and build."
"Kumbayana, maintain and defend it

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lessons from Wayang Kulit Performance



On the top, it's a lesson of morality, honesty, truth should win against evil.
2.One has to choose what to do in accordance with his own belief.
  • Kumbakarna has to choose to fight despite Rahwana's sinful deeds, not to defend his brother but to defend his country. "Right or wrong is my country".
  • Wibisana, he chooses to defend the absolute truth. A sin committed by his own brother - the king, must be condemned.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chant of Night (10) Kumbayana


The sacred man who handicapped has raised new students, Bimasena and Harjuna, and followed by Puntadewa, Nakula and Sadewa. In the initial statement the five of them promise to always obey the teacher. "Ha, ha, ha, good…good! I did not expect to see you five of the famous Pandhava. With relish I'm willing to be your teacher"

Patih Sengkuni upset. Foreigners who take cupu lenga Tala, has raised pupils Pandhawa. Thus it can be ascertained

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chant of Night (9) Great Student

Vice Regent Sengkuni’s , Duryudana’s, Dushasana’s and other Kurawa’s intention has been changed. If in the beginning they want the day immediately morning, but with a bluish light, they intend to stop the dark, before it can find what the source of light. In the dark because they can clearly see a bluish light, that can easily find where the light is coming from.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Dalang in Action

 Dalang tell the story of wayang

 Dalang and the shadow puppet

 Dalang playing the shadow puppets at old Java

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chant of Night (8) Glowing Cupu

The pupil involved Padepokan Saptaarga to Panggombakan feel torn heart, watching Sengkuni and the Kurawas insult their teachers, Begawan Abiyasa. Their silence is not because of fear, but....